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96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however 91% of those customers will simply leave and never come back.
- 1st Financial Training Services

Global companies are losing clients and compromising service because their worldwide telephone numbers, IVR platforms, mobile apps & games, and global roaming services are flawed. Customers are encountering issues when attempting to purchase services, products, make reservations, or use mobile apps & games.

The time and money spent to fix these faulty telephone numbers, IVR platforms, and mobile apps & games is costly and frustrating, but more importantly, negatively impacts how a company is perceived in the marketplace.

Global Telecom Testing (GTT) was founded in 2007 specifically to address the lack of worldwide, in-country, live telephone number testing and IVR platform quality assurance testing for global companies. GTT is the only company in the world that in-country tests in 200 countries simulating the user experience with over 800 local testers. GTT enables its clients to establish a local presence and a highly reliable testing environment by leveraging the world's largest privately owned global footprint. Customers gain a universal understanding of their in-country user experience, so they can make actionable corrective decisions with measurable ROI and collaborate on those decisions both internally and with telecom carriers. Each year GTT's phone number testing services and toll free number testing service tests over 50,000 numbers performing 100,000+ test calls. GTT's User Acceptability Testing (UAT) tests over 600 worldwide IVR platforms and tests 400+ mobile apps & games annually. Our real world live mobile app testing services are the most reliable in the world.

It all began with a handful of countries…

Originally, we offered only one testing product in 20 countries. Today, we offer a large variety of testing solutions and services in 200 countries.

About our testers...

Our testers are hand selected for their telecom and UAT testing experience and screened by the diligent GTT staff. They speak English and the native language of the country they live and test in. Once a part of GTT, they are trained to provide the highest quality of testing and customer service for our customers.

Expanding the world's largest privately owned footprint...

Never satisfied with the status quo, in 2012 GTT decided to leverage its global footprint and complete scalability of its local testers by introducing Local Pro Services (LPS). LPS conducts market research and data collection for global companies entering or expanding in new markets.

We are led by…

Stephen Levenson, Vice President Stephen Levenson is the Vice President of Global Telecom Testing, LLC which was founded in 2007 specifically to address the lack of worldwide, in-country, live telephone number and IVR platform quality assurance testingfor global companies. Stephen’s bold global vision coupled with a diverse set of skills drives GTT’s next generation IT and engineering in order to constantly expand their worldwide footprint and testing services.

Stephen’s combination of global channel development, entrepreneurialism, and operational excellence has placed GTT at the pinnacle of the world’s quality assurance testing marketplace. He leads GTT’s growth efforts, as well as, works with GTT teams from Operations to IT, to design a comprehensive vision for GTT and its partners and customers, capturing the true value of globalization by leveraging the world’s largest privately owned footprint, and their solutions and services.

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