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Mobile App Testing Service with GTT

Only GTT's in-country mobile application testing, verification and validation
services provide real world reliable User Acceptance Testing.

The worldwide Mobile apps and games market is booming! However, there are multiple operating systems and many devices on the market. How can you ensure your app delights your users everywhere, every time? GTT arms you with a local-global  approach to mobile app quality to win in today's ultra-competitive apps economy. In-country user accetpance testing services makes it easier than ever to create winning mobile apps every time.

GTT arms you with a local-global approach to mobile app quality to win in today's ultra-competitive apps economy. In-Country User Acceptance Testing services make it easier than ever to create winning mobile apps every time.


Your mobile app or game encounters many different and constantly changing variables during real world usage. Lab environments are places of perfect connectivity and up-to-date operating systems. That's not the world your app or game is going to face once it leaves your lab.

In-country testing ensures your app and/or game works in all real world situations.

Testing across a Range of Devices: The number of mobile devices grows every day, bringing with it a range of screen sizes, resolutions, processing power, and potential issues. GTT enables you test across all potential devices.

Testing beyond the QA lab: Testing with real professional testers, on real devices, under real-world conditions - ensures your web & mobile apps work every time, everywhere, for every user.

Outdated Software: Not everyone regularly updates their operating system. Some users might not even have access to the newest version. Verifying your app works on all operating systems (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.) and all versions (old and new) is imperative to your success.

Location and Usability: Tap into the largest privately owned global footprint of local testers as they discover defects regularly missed by automated testing. Testers will real world test your apps to discover any bugs and/or user-related issues.

Load Testing: When many users attempt to download, load, and use your app or game simultaneously; slow load times or crashes can occur causing many customers to abandon your app, game, or website for your competitors.

Cost: Most mobile app and game testing can be completed in 1-2 hours. Getting started with GTT is more affordable than you may think. Find out how GTT's in-country testing services fit into your budget and saves you money. Contact us for pricing.

GTT’s local testers have access to a wide range of:

mobile app & application testing
  • Handsets
  • Networks
  • Operating Systems
  • Languages
  • Locations
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