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Global Telecom Testing Services

Our testing services ensure that phone numbers are validated as working numbers,
and mobile apps functionality and usability are verified worldwide.

85% of customers are dissatisfied with their telecom experience...
92% of all customer interactions occur via phone. (Garter Survey)

GTT's testing ensures the integrity and reliability of worldwide telecom services, enhances accuracy, customer satisfaction, and retention.

Global Telecom Testing's 2015 Pass/Fail Report of Worldwide Telephone Numbers showed that more than 27% of worldwide telephone numbers and IVR platforms tested are non-operational upon delivery to global businesses..

Global companies are losing clients and compromising service because their worldwide telephone numbers, IVR platforms, mobile apps & games, and global roaming services are flawed. Customers are encountering issues when attempting to contact customer support, purchase services, products, make reservations, and/or use mobile apps & games.

The time and money spent to fix faulty telecom services is costly and frustrating, but more importantly, negatively impacts how your company is perceived in the marketplace.

We offer a wide range of testing solutions to help you protect your business' lifelines:

worldwide ivr fax simcard mobile

We use humans to test, NOT machines

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